Difference between Red and White Wine

by on May 7, 2017

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Wine is truly a unique drink. This always looks elegant, fancy and extremely versatile and yet, there are many who cannot distinguish the differences between a red and white wine. There are real differences between the two in fact but sometimes you don’t always see them or even are aware of them. However, the differences can truly make the wines very different from one another in color and in taste. If you want to learn more,read on.

There Can Be Differences with Taste

As most wine drinkers will know, each wine has its own unique taste and flavorings to it. Some wines can be sweeter than others and some can be sharper; however, it’s all because of the type of grapes used and how long they have been fermented for. Yes, some red and white wines differ in taste but their sharpness can be very similar to one another even though they are two different wines.


In order for red and white wine to take their colorings, it is down to tannin. Now, this isn’t tannin in the conventional sense but rather a substance found within the skin and seed of the grapes. Usually there are higher levels of tannin found in a red wine which is why this type of wine has a redder color. The higher levels of tannin the redder the wine will be, and while there can be tannin in white wine, the amounts are usually far lower. Tannin does offer red pigments which gives the color to the wine. White wine does have tannin but not like the red wine as it doesn’t come from the grape but rather from the stems and seeds and skins and are not mixed with the grapes. That is why white wine doesn’t have the reddish coloring to it. get latest news at http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/317326.php


There are also real differences to the amount of time in which wine is fermented. For instance, white wine requires a very low or cold temperature whilst fermentation is taking place in order to keep its white coloring. However, red wine must be fermented in greater temperatures which are because of the tannin. The longer the tannin is allowed to ferment the more coloring on offer. This can of course make a real difference to the finished product.

Can You Taste the Difference between Red and White Wine?

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It’s interesting to ask because on a blind taste test, a lot of people mistake one wine for the other. In truth if you know nothing about wine and don’t see what you’re drinking it can be very hard to distinguish one from the other. However, if you are someone who knows wine then you probably will be able to distinguish one from the other. Again, it’s going to depend on how well you know wine and if you take a blind taste test which can really open your palette to something new.

Enjoy Wine and Love the Taste of Red and White

Wine isn’t the drink from everyone and yet it can offer something unique to every consumer. You can absolutely love the sweet taste of red or a sharpness of a white and the right wine can compliment a dinner perfectly. Red and white wine do have their differences but you can truly enjoy them and what they have to offer.…