Tips in Taking Photos or Videos of Wine

by on July 26, 2017

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Advertisements and commercials of wine always make different types of wine look appealing. It would be enough to make you want to take a glass of wine and just drink to cap off the night or to calm you down. A glass of red wine everyday comes with a lot of benefits so it is something that you may do frequently.

What makes you choose the wine that you are going to take? It is normal that you would choose to purchase wine that you like but how will you know that a brand of wine exists when you do not even know about it?

You have probably seen some people take photos with their cameras or videos with their camcorder wherein the glass of wine is blurry and is out of focus. Upon seeing that, do you actually think that it is appealing? Will you look for the wine that they have posted just to see if the wine tastes great? Probably not. It is affected by the time of equipment they use to take photos or videos. For those who would like to take proper videos, you can check Sony HDR-ax2000. This can be adjusted easily depending on the settings you want so that taking photos and videos will be easy to do.

Tips in Taking Photos or Videos of Wine

Here are some other tips that you should not miss about taking photos and videos of wine:

  1. Make sure that you have props that will complement the wine

Some of the props that you can use are a colored background that will make the wine glass or the wine bottle stand out, corks or corkscrews because these are related to wine or you may also add some slices of cheese and some crackers. These things will make the wine look perfect.

  1. Always use natural light.

This is something that people always forget. Photographs and videos will always look amazing under natural light. There are some types of equipment you can use in order to enhance natural light but artificial lights can ruin your photos or your videos. Shadows can add an element of mystery to your subject too.

  1. Allow the wine glass or the wine bottle to be focused properly.

It is okay to show the various props you have used to make the wine more appealing but if you want the wine bottle or the wine glass to be emphasized, use the macro feature of your camera or camcorder so that the other items that are with the wine will fade into the background. If you are trying to sell the wine, allow the logo to be clear but if you just want to post something amazing, you can focus on the wine itself.

  1. Allow the color and the tone to be as real as possible.

Editing photos now is mandatory but if you edit too much, it can give your photos or your videos a very artificial look that will not be very appealing to a lot of people. Keep things simple.

If you have incorporated all of the needed elements to take a good photo or video, you do not need to edit the final product that much.…