Wine or Champagne at Weddings?

by on May 7, 2017


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For most couples they don’t really think too much about their alcoholic drinks on their wedding day. Couples usually decide with either wine or champagne and while the choice is good for them, they aren’t thinking of their guests. The guests are going to be the ones partying long into the night after you’ve retired to bed so you have to ensure they are happy with what they get. So, should you be choosing wine for your wedding or is champagne the more suited option?

Not Everyone Likes Champagne

Champagne can make you touch the stars! You can absolutely adore the sweet taste it offers but unfortunately this isn’t a drink for everyone. There are many wine drinkers who love wine and find champagne just isn’t for them. There are also many champagne drinkers who will say they do not touch wine. When this happens you have a real problem which is why you cannot rule one out. If you limit the options available, you limit the guest and that could prove a little disastrous on the day!

You Must Give Your Guests the Choice

As said above, there are going to be many who find champagne isn’t their cup of tea and that wine is more suited to their tastes. There is nothing wrong with that but you must give the guests the choice. You need to have both available so that there is a wine available to choose from and a champagne option and each guest can decide what they like better. This helps to avoid trouble with drinks and really it’s nice to have a choice. It’s great especially if one side of the family is more geared towards wine and the other champagne. learn additional tips at

Always Taste Before Finalizing the Wine or Champagne Selection

Trying a wine or champagne on the day of the wedding isn’t ideal. What if you personally don’t like the options or what happens if your guests don’t? That is why you must look at tasting each wine or champagne option before the wedding, preferably weeks before. This should give you amp time to decide which wines are more suitable for the occasion and whether you want to have a certain type of wine also. Tasting before the wedding will ensure there are no unhappy guests (or brides) later.

Keep the Selections Small but Varied


You have to remember, while there are going to be many who will adore champagne, a lot won’t. That is why at a wedding, there cannot b a definite one wine choice. There is no need to have several different bottles of wine and champagne but rather two good wines (one red and one white) and one good champagne choice also. This should give most guests a simple but effective selection to choose from and hopefully it’ll cover most. Of course, fresh orange juice can also be on offer but in terms of alcoholic drinks, it’s best to have a small selection available. This will also keep your prices low and you won’t pay for things which no-one likes.

Have a Good Selection

Wine and champagne are very different from one another and that essentially means there will be some wedding guests, including the happy couple, who will find one choice isn’t for them. When it comes to organizing a wedding you have to consider everybody which is why having a varied selection of both wines and champagnes would be best. Hopefully everyone will be happy with at least one of them so it’s more sensible to have the options.